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Renting has doubled in the past decade but there is still no protection from high rents, short tenancies and squalid properties. For the past year and a half Generation Rent has been organising renters and giving them a voice in the media and in politics.


Generation Rent needs your help. We unexpectedly have only two months of funding left. There is a real danger that the campaign will simply vanish, and with it the national voice of private renters in the media and political debate.

We are working hard to secure new sources of long term funding, but this will take months and we need your help now. We need to raise £60,000 by 31 August. These funds would allow us to continue our work empowering renters to put pressure on Parliament, the London mayoral candidates and local councils while applying for grants and building a sustainable organisation.

Please donate just £20 – or what you can afford – on our crowdfunding site, People’s Republic, who are kindly waiving their fees because they like us so much.

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A Question of Survival

With the election done and dusted you’d be forgiven for thinking from some of the rhetoric flying around that the question of Britain’s direction for the next five years is set in stone. In reality nothing could be further from the truth and Generation Rent is already looking forward to continuing our vital work in alerting the government and opposition to the question of housing.

In the month that saw the election we also saw campaigners occupying the space outside the Central Library, and later in St Anne’s Square, to protest about homelessness.



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Just the tip of the PRS-Berg


Conservative Policy Freezes Renters Out

What does the fate of The Titanic have to do with the British Housing Crisis? The Captain of that vast ship was warned of impending disaster well in advance, but ignored all warnings, instead choosing to stay his course even though it meant condemning the ship’s occupants to their doom.

The newly reinstated Conservative Government has cast itself in the same captain-as-executioner role, blithely ignoring the escalation of the housing crisis, and heading for a collision with the ‘PRS-berg; a collision so deadly in implication, its fall-out it cannot be underestimated.

Government has no idea of the breadth and depth of the Private Rented Sector, like the iceberg of lore, it hides below the surface. A case in point is that “Newham Council estimated there were 4-5,000 landlords operative in its borough, but by March 2015 over 22,500 landlords had come forward to be issued with licenses. Newham Council made an under-estimate of 18,500 landlords, in other words, there were roughly 80% more landlords operating than the Council knew about.

The unknown quantity of the sector, has allowed it so far, to ‘absorb’ much of the overflow of the population forced out of previously council owned homes, and out of their mortgages, as austerity measures have taken precedence over human rights. Please note that I use the term ‘absorb’ loosely here, to delineate hidden homelessness, concealed families, and illegal properties such as over-crowded houses and unregistered HMO’s. Apparently this state of affairs is more preferable to our country’s leaders, than say, a committed re-haul of the failing housing programme, and investing in building some more homes? Is it really our best option to continue to allow over £9 Billion of tax payer’s money to be sucked into the housing-benefit whirlpool?

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A License to Rent

A License to rent, not to kill?

“Criminals are exploiting vulnerable tenants who just want a safe place to call home…

This cannot continue unchecked, as these activities undermine the work of good landlords and harm the sector’s reputation.”

(The Department for Communities and Local Government, 2014)

“The ultimate objective of any property licensing scheme should be to tackle poor standards of management in order to improve poor housing conditions for tenants.  It is therefore essential that licensing be accompanied by robust enforcement”.

(A briefing from Future of London, Private Rented Sector Licensing: Policy and Practice, 2015)

Today’s Private Rented Sector has been described in the 2015 report by Future of London as a ‘pivotal’ part of our National Housing Strategy, not least because of its “rapid rise and inconsistent standards.”


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Reflections on Withington Housing Hustings

Generation Rent hosted a housing debate with parliamentary candidates running for the Withington Constituency, at the Didsbury United Reformed Church on April the 9th.

This write up of the event is an effort to share the core debate and the points made by the candidates who attended.

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Scales of Injustice?



What does one post-graduate living in Manchester have in common with 528,000 other people in the country?

He's a private renter under the age of 35.

Like a further 213,000 of private tenants last year, Georges complained to his landlord because of the state of the property and in doing so, faced potential retaliatory eviction.

Like the large majority of tenants affordability was a factor that led to him being a part of a house share.


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A Rental Strategy That Offers Renters Nothing New

Generation Rent were recently invited to sign up to the Manchester Renting Pledge, in support of Manchester City Council’s new ‘Manchester Market Rental Sector Strategy’.
While we are glad to see Manchester City Council moving towards addressing the problems faced by the thousands of renters right across the city, we do not feel we can support the strategy in its current form.
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General Election Survey

What will Manchester's Candidates Pledge for the future of Renters?

National environmental campaigning group Friends of the Earth are launching their Pre-General Election Survey, designed to quiz local and national candidates on their standpoints on a wide variety of social and environmental issues affecting the country.

Generation Rent have submitted the following question to the Manchester Friends of the Earth Group, who'll collate the data from the thousands of candidate responses prior to the General Election result on May 7th.

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Manchester Friends of the Earth Support Renters Campaign

Pollyanna from Generation Rent, spoke with the Manchester Friends of the Earth Volunteer group about her work and the history of the organisation.
Generation Rent is a tenants rights organisation that works on the basis that decent housing is a fundamental human right and is one is not being met in the UK under the current government.
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