A Campaign for South Manchester Licensing

Landlord Licensing South Manchester

Manchester Generation Rent is supporting Manchester Community Groups and Students Union to launch a Selective Licensing Campaign.

The coalition of community groups and supporters is growing!

Join the campaign if you want to put an end to rented properties with the following issues:


  •  Pest infestations and fly-tipping

Most buy-to-let landlords aren't bothered but these issues are a public health hazard!

  • Poorly Managed Properties

Absent landlords and 'unconcerned' letting agents aren't ensuring properties they rent out are fit for human habitation!

  • Anti-social Behaviour

Obtrusive noise levels in residential areas, excessive littering, and street vandalism are associated with the high incidence of South Manchester homes under the ownership of absentee buy-to-let landlords. It's time they gave back to the communities they profit from letting in!

  • Lack of Landlord or Agent Accountability

Rising rents and declining property standards will be better monitored, and the rise in fraudulent contracts and exploitative fees will be tackled.


So what will landlord licenses really do?

  • Improve enforcement
  • Reduce Tenant Exploitation
  • BAN Landlords letting properties featuring:
  • Category 1 Hazards
  • Pest infestations
  • Overcrowding
  • Illegal Houses of Multiple Occupation (unlawful extensions, breaches of fire safety and consumer rights)


Barring landlords with criminal convictions or a history of poor property management

Introducing basic requirements on gas, electrical and fire safety to qualify for license

This license lasts for 5 years and only fit & proper landlords qualify


South Manchester: Fallowfield, Withington, Old Moat and Ladybarn

It’s already happening in Barton and Eccles.


Licensing WILL NOT increase rents, the licence fee is tiny at less than 96p per week.

License Fees fund the administration of the scheme, making it self-sustainable.


The Campaign

We need to ensure the Council hears more than just local landlords' objections

We want your stories of renting in Manchester – your experiences with landlords, the problems you've faced, the impact it's had on your life.

Let's show the government the reality of renting!

Tell Us Your Story or Join Our Campaign.


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