Ask the Mayor to Act on Housing!

Generation Rent support the Anti Bedroom Tax Federation Campaign.

Manchester has the fastest growing rental sector in the UK! Increasingly renting is the only tenure option left for families, the elderly and for those who were once social tenants, whose homes have been sold off under the Government's Right to Buy Policy.

Manchester has seen the steepest rise in homelessness outside of London with a 79% increase in people forced to sleep on the streets over the past year.

Testimonies from those on our streets often start with the sentence "It could happen to anyone." And it does.

The telling correlation between higher numbers of homeless and higher numbers of people relying on renting and social housing highlights the need for strong leadership from the Mayor on tackling the crisis here in Manchester.

We need local policies that fix rather than deepen the hold of the housing crisis.

Mark Krantz, Secretary of the Federation states:

The new interim Mayor for Greater Manchester will assume powers over housing.

The 'Northern Powerhouse' that is Manchester, could be used to help solve the housing crisis by; stopping evictions, controlling rents, maintaining social housing stock, resisting the extension of Right to Buy to Housing Associations... and building council houses. 

Ask Tony Lloyd to act now!

To add you name to our open letter calling on Tony Lloyd to take action over housing message the Secretary: 


Dear Tony Lloyd,

Congratulations on becoming the Mayor for Greater Manchester.

RE : Can you help solve the housing crisis?

Tony, there is a severe and growing crisis in the provision of housing across Greater Manchester.

As well greater numbers now sleeping on the streets, there are more evictions, rising child poverty, and an expansion of food banks.

In the private sector rents have risen to unaffordable levels, and mortgage deposits are out of reach for too many.

This Tory government have just announced a number of measures that can only make the housing crisis even worse.

They are now set to sell off social housing, reduce Discretionary Housing Payment budgets, and push more families with children into arrears due to the benefit cap. They are to continue with the Bedroom Tax in England.

These are measures that will ensure that more people face the prospect of eviction. There will consequently be a greater need for health and social care. Yet budgets here are also to be cut.

The introduction of the Bedroom Tax meant that people were charged extra money for living in their own home as a consequence of housing benefit reductions. The widespread opposition to the Bedroom Tax held back evictions, disproved claims it would solve the shortage of available houses, and helped ensure that many tenants received financial help to avoid escalating arrears. The abolition of the Bedroom Tax become one of the central political pledges of the Labour Party, and of Labour representatives.

The election of this Tory government means that the Housing Crisis is set to become one of the 'greatest challenges' we face today.

As the Mayor we ask that you give a political lead to help solve the central priority faced by increasing numbers across the city; having a home to live in.

Would you assist in ensuring that;

1. There are no evictions due to rent arrears built up because of the Bedroom Tax, the Benefit Cap, and/or Benefit Sanctions.

2. Existing powers are used to regulate private landlords and hold down rents, advisory maximum rent levels are set, and the campaign for rent controls is advanced.

3. The extension of the right to buy in the social housing sector is opposed.

4. The 'devolution agenda' includes measures that will unlock finances to ensure council houses are built.

Yours truly

Mark Krantz, Secretary, the Anti Bedroom Federation for Greater Manchester.
Linda Charock, Chair, Bolton Against the Bedroom Tax.
Maria Brabiner, Salford Against the Bedroom Tax
Steve North, Secretary, The Salford Unison Branch
Pollyanna Steiner, Generation Rent, Manchester.
Sylvia Forrest, Wythenshawe ; Vernetta O'Loughlin, Trafford ; Michael Wide ;



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