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Families living in substandard rented homes have acted together to raise awareness of this issue. Let's end the renting of dangerous homes, unfit to live in, and ask for better standards, as one voice in Manchester.

We, the tenants and customers of all landlords, letting and managing agents operating in Greater Manchester; hereby petition these parties to uphold their legal duty to ensure they operate within the bounds of the UK Law’s 2004 Housing Act,  Landlord and Tenants Act 1985, 1987, and the 2015 amended Consumer Rights Act.
If those parties do not comply with the demands set out in this petition, within 30 days of this petition's issue, we the customer, reserve the right to hold to account, and report these parties to the Court of Law on the following 2 counts:

Count 1. Fraudulent Verbal and Written Tenancy Agreements:
-Wherein the named landlord is falsely identified, and the identity of the real landlord and property- owner, is concealed for reasons of tax, and repair evasion.
-Therefore, responsible to carry out repairs and maintenance on the property.
-Therefore, invalidating the tenancy agreement made under this false premise.


i.                    Parties must no longer issue fraudulent verbal Assured Shorthold Tenancy contracts
ii.                  Parties must name the correct Landlord on every contract issued to every private tenant, verbally, or otherwise.
iii.                Parties must delineate the correct landlord’s full contact details on every tenancy contract (s.48, Landlord and Housing Act, 1987)
iv.                 Parties Must issue Tenants with Legal Document Certifying Tenant Deposit has been placed in an Government Accredited Tenant Deposit Scheme

Count 2.  Letting Properties with Category 1 Hazards
Parties are letting out homes which fall below the HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating System) to families, often with young children.
Young children and vulnerable individuals stand to suffer lifelong health problems because of the sub-standard conditions of their rented homes.
Current hazards on record, as reported by paying tenants:

Damp and Mould
Cold Homes
Fissures and Cracks
Dangerous Electrics
Rotten Floors

Health problems caused by these hazards negatively impact physical, mental and emotional development of tenants, particularly young children.


v.                   Parties must commit to repair and maintain their properties up to the level of the HHSRS
vi.                 Parties must commit to honour the Consumer Rights Act, abiding by the legislator requirements:
- To clearly display the EPC rating of their properties on all adverts, within their online and street level business.
- To clearly display fees, and transparent breakdown of what fees cover on all advertisements
- To be a member of a Government Accredited Redress Scheme, in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act, Bill amendment operational as of May 27th, 2015


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