Property Developers are the new drivers of Inequality

Owen Jones of the Guardian has raised a point which is echoed throughout the UK; No longer are property developers simply a part of the 'market', but they are the drivers of the market, ensnaring a rapidly increasing populace as a captive audience for rising rents, decreasing availability and quality of rental properties.

 No longer is this a morality-tale for those in the Seats of Power to nod along to, but a catastrophic housing crisis which cannot and should not be ignored. As a renter, I am part of a community ...of renters. This community of individuals are now finding their collective voices and the means and the motivation to come together in the face of this extortion.

Manchester Generation Rent are working to enable this collective need to become transformed into collective action, to begin to shift the untenable trajectory of sky-rocketing rents and dwindling availability of affordable housing.

Owen Jones explains why he blames the property developers for the cataclysmic shift into the current housing crisis:

Please watch the video, and if you are interested in supporting change for renters do join us here:





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