Rent Freedom Day

Renters throughout the country are calling for change. On February the 4th they will be coming together to Central Hall for Rent Freedom Day.

This is an invitation to get involved.

If you have ever rented or if you are renting at present you can probably empathize with the plight of tenants reliant on a housing sector of ever declining standards; can you can lend your voice to demand this decline is tackled?

Rent Freedom Day provides a historic platform for the ten million of us renters to demand the change to this sector that we pay dearly for inhabiting in more ways than one.

Not only it is our homes we are fighting for it is the homes of generations of others, who'll also face the no choice culture of renting in untenable conditions at the mercy of an unregulated rental market.

If you think you'd like to come along to Rent Freedom Day, please follow the link below:

You can email to book your 

Or call: 02037525535


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