Renters to drastically outnumber homeowners in Manchester

Renters will outnumber homeowners in Manchester, making up 65% of the city’s population by 2021, research by Generation Rent has found. But Manchester’s renter population continues to be short-changed by MPs representing the interests of homeowners in the rest of the UK. Based on current trends, 162,000 households will be renting in Manchester by the time of the next census, compared to 89,000 owner occupiers. As a result, all five MPs covering central Manchester will represent seats where a majority of people are renters.

The findings come in a report published yesterday by Generation Rent, which examines the increase in the renter population between 2001 and 2011 in each parliamentary seat and projects the likely demographics by 2021.

Nationally Generation Rent has found 65 seats with more renters than homeowners in 2011, and predicts a rise to 104 by 2021. This represents a huge increase in political power for a large section of the population that has long been neglected by successive governments, and we need your help.

Manchester City has always had a large rented population, but this has grown from 55% in 2001 to 60% in 2011. With the projected forecast rising to 65% of the population by 2021, MPs cannot afford to ignore renters anymore. Generation Rent is calling on MPs in Manchester and the surrounding metropolitan area to give them a voice in Westminster by becoming Renter Champions.

Generation Rent compared census data for each Parliamentary constituency to find the proportion of the population that rents – either from a private landlord, the council or a housing association – and how this changed between 2001 and 2011. The 2021 forecast was then made by applying this trend to the 2011 figures. The full report is available here.

Traditionally seats with large renter populations have been Labour strongholds – though one of 2021’s renter majority seats is Liberal Democrat-held, Manchester Withington. Manchester Central will be the constituency with the 10th largest proportion of renters in the country by 2021, with 73%.

As politicians set their sights on the 2015 Election, Generation Rent is challenging every MP to become a Renter Champion and commit to making the housing market fit for people who rent, so that renting can be a genuine choice rather than a second class tenure of last resort. The campaign is particularly calling on the 104 MPs who will likely be representing more renters than owners by the end of the next Parliament. Alex Hilton, director of the national Generation Rent campaign, said:

“By 2021 Manchester’s renters will make up 65% of the population, hugely outnumbering homeowners. Yet Westminster continues to ignore the renters’ voice and make policies that favour people who already own property. If Manchester MPs want to serve their constituents, they need to back policies that improve life for renters.”

Please take two minutes to ask your MP if they’re on the side of renters and to join our list of Renter Champions. Then we’ll know which MPs are serious about making renting a fair and sustainable tenure, and help them make that a reality.


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